Our sellection has  exclusive handmade products, from natural fibers and very famous in the world fashion. You can wear different  with every style , because we have unique and gorgeous designs.

Wayuu Bags

The  Wayuu Bags, began to be  very famous, thanks to Vogue Magazine, that discover the “one of a kind Wayuu Bag”, called Luxury Mochila Bag, handwoven in one Thread.

These Indigenous groups understood the business trying sell their products to everybody around the world and decided to create Economic Wayuu bag less expensive that Luxury Wayuu Bag, but beautiful and one of a Kind.

Other bags, very famous are Unicolor Wayuu Bags, that offers to the women the posibilit to match every mochila with her clothes.


Panama Hats

The Classic Panama Hats, always are exclusive and chic to wera in high temperatures, summer and Beachs. We sell different traditional Styles and new styles with the latest fashio in the world.


Our Accessories to wear are absolutely beautiful and different to anithing you can find any where. We have Hats, Key Chains, Beach clothes, Sandals, Bracelets and other many things.

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