Wayuu Bags

Wayuu Bags


Wayuu Mochilas bags,  began to be very famous, thanks to Vogue Magazine. They discovered the beautiful and perfect work and showed to the women around the world.

These Wayuu Indigenous groups understood the business trying  sell their products to everybody around the world and decided to create Economic Wayuu bag less expensive that Luxury Wayuu Bag, but beautiful and one of a Kind.

Other bags, very famous are Unicolor Wayuu Bags, that  offers to the women the posibilit to match every  mochila with her clothes.



Wayuu Bags Qualities


Luxury wayuu bags

Luxury Wayuu Bag, is hand woven in one single Thread. “One of a kind”. It was the  bag,  that Vogue Magazine discovered and turned very famous in the world Fashion. It is handwoven inside and outside like a dense  and perfect material,   that means is the best quality, special for Shops and boutiques that want exclusive accessories for their clients.  They spend 30 – 50 days days , depending of the size and design of the bag. The strap is called Paleteado.

  Sizes: Medium and Large 


Economic Wayuu Bags

Handwoven in double Threads or Economic Wayuu Bags. “One of a Kind”. Thes ebags is more heavy that a Luxury Wayuu Bag, because of the two threads used to take less time weaving a design and it is more eocnomic that the handwoven in one Single Thread. Uusally the Straps are handade in Loom, called Osonuchi. Sometimes the Indigenous use the Paleteado Strap too.

Sizes: Mini Mochila and Medium

Unicolor Wayuu Bags


These is a very modern Wayuu Bag style. One plain color in the Body and one multicolor  strap matching with the body. There are two kind of Straps, One is Oosnuchi Strap and other style is with two Braids straps and Pompons.

Colors: Seasons Colors      Size: Medium



Other Designed  Wayuu Bags

One of the favorite Wayuu Designs are the butterflies and the flowers. These special bags are handwoven in double Thread with Doble Braid and Pompons. “One of a Kind “

Size: Medium